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What can we do for you?

  • Design (R&D) by Means of Modern Technology (CAE)
    We support you in designing your product by using 3-D-CAD and 3-D-Mold-Flow-Simulation and an innovative mould design.
  • Production of Plastic Parts
    We are one of the few suppliers who process both thermoplastic and thermosetting material. 
    • free-flowing thermosets are processed on machines of between 150kN and 3.000kN (part weights of 0,5 grs - 1.500 grs approx.)
    • pasty thermosets - also called BMC or bulk moulding compounds are processed on machines of between 500kN and 3.000kN (part weights of 10 grs - 1.900 grs approx.)
    • Thermoplastics are processed on machines between 150kN and 3.000kN.
  • Assembly of Components / Packaging
    With the plastic parts moulded by us and other parts purchased by us or provided by our customer, we assemble components according to your requirements. We can also offer complete assembly and packaging of the product ready for sale.
  • Export Services / Logistics
    We can offer almost any service regarding despatch and supply of parts. Our experience gained in more than 30 years of exporting our products helps us to deliver parts on schedule.