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November 16. 2020 09:55:14

Design (CAE)

We rely on the latest methods of technical support to process and accompany your projects.

Design / Modification of Components


is done by processing given 3-D-data by means of 3-D-CAD (SolidWorks). Standard STEP, IGES, STL and PRT (ProE) interfaces are available.

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For Catia V5 we can offer a conversion interface.



Part Validation / Risk Analysis

is done with the gathered data by means of Finite-Element-Analysis  (SolidWorks); if desired we valuate the weak spots by means of a 3-D-filling simulation (Moldex3D).

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Production of Prototypes

With time-tested partners we are able to offer on short notice inexpensive prototypes made by stereolithography or laser-sintering. 

In addition, we dispose of our own half-finished products made of thermosetting material (of your choice), which can be machined and will provide good information for first basic tests.

We can provide family moulds which offer the possiblty to produce cost-saving mould inserts for pre-series production.